Sunday, March 30, 2008

wanting another munckin

So, we did our first IUI a week and a half ago. I am due for my period on Tuesday or Wednesday. I took a preggy test this morning and it was negative. I know that it may be too early to trust the test, but I could not help myself. I am home alone this weekend and just wanted - needed - to know. to know something. I thought it would be easier this time around. Not the getting pregnant part, but the waiting... the iui's... the not getting pregnant. But it is not. I think it may be harder because now I know more about how this works. Now that we started trying, I realize how MUCH I really want this. ANd I find myself slipping back to thinking "what if I am not pregnant this time?" I don't know if I can take/handle the roller coaster again. Anyone else dealing with this???? HELP!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

time out.

whew! we have been having lots of these lately! k was in a MOOD this morning and he was in a t.o. before we left for school. we never dealt with the "terrible two's," so i think that we are hitting the terrible three's. he YELLS. he acts like he is going to hit, but usally does not. he did this morning, though, and he wa in time out faster than ever. he kept saying that he did not want to go to school and he was whiny and attached to me when we got there. i told him that mommy had to go to work and we can make this happy ro i can just go. he took a deep breath, gave me a hug and a kiss, told me he loved me, and then went and played with play dough with his friends. he likes to play games with mommy! with mama, he just goes because he knows that she is not going to fall for his games. funny how they figure all of that stuff out so quickly!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

long long time

So, it has been a LONG time since I have posted... I forgot the password, meant to reset it, been busy with life, work, family, etc...

Thi is a quick post to say HEY and that all is well. K. turns 3 next month. We are beginning to think about adding another babe to the fam. I am feeling well and ready to be preggers again! K. is old enough - and will be old enough - when another munchkin comes... Old enough to "help" and be a part of baby's life... So, that is all that' new. Work is good. Family is fun. We went to Disney World and had a blast! Please go when your kids are little!!!! They will remember bits and pieces, but you will remember every second of it. It is WONDERFUL!!!

That's all for now!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's been a while...

This is how technically UN-advanced I am... I have not signed in because I needed to create a new account, wich consisted of changnig a password... I thought I would have to do a lot more...

ANYWAY... life is good! I wish spring would finally get here! I am sick of winter and cold.

My little guy just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago! His bday party was a ton of fun! He loved blowing out the candles this year! We even had to re-light them! He amazes me everyday - talking so much now! He knows his colors. He tries to dress himself. AMAZING!!!!! And he as learned that he loves chocolate! It is all very cute!

So, this is a super short post, but I wanted to try and get back into the habit! I will be back soon!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


She is one of our dogs. She is a 13 year old poodle-maltese, aka, pooltese. We had her groomed yesterday. She was a little matted, so they had to shave her. Now she has to wear a sweater. My little pup, BAMBI, has to wear a doggy sweater. I never thought that I would dress my animals. CRAZY! But, also, SO CUTE! :)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dinner time.

I wanted to write about this last night, but the evening turned into night, and then into bedtime before I knew it!

So, dinnertime. It has been fun - and LONG - lately. K. is sometimes fussy and will sometimes eat anything and everything. Last night was great. It was about an hour - which really isn't a long time, but can seem so when you are saying the same things over and over... "Take a bite." "Mommy will clap." "Great job with that big bite!" You get the idea. In addition, we have been teaching K. to use a "big boy" cup, so it's been quite a process. He takes a bite, he gets a sip. He did very well last night and did not dribble ONCE! Yay! Good job drinking! That was also added to my phrases last night!

But we had a great time! Not only was he eating and drinking well, we had SO MUCH fun doing it! He ate ALL of his chicken and pasta with rosemary sauce. What 20 month old likes rosemary sauce??!!!? My boy! :) I was so proud. We are committed to not just feeding K. "kid food." We have it - the Chef Boyardee's, mac and cheese, etc. When he is a liittle fussy, or we are short on time, we can throw that in the micro or cook a few chicken strips and know all will be ok. We also have him eat with us and eat - or at least TRY - whatever we are having. He's already tried -and LOVED!!!- calamari! I think that it is wonderful that he will try anything.

I can see, though, how some parents can just give in and give their child whatever s/he wants. It is a lot of work - esp. after coming home from work. Or even just after a long day! But I really feel like the "hard" work that we are doing now (I know! It is probably nothing compared to what will be happening when he is 16!), will pay off and make things a little easier later on... Let's hope, anyway!

Tomorrow, after work, we are going to visit a rest home in town. I am going to see if they are looking forwar volunteers. I really want volunteering to be a part of K.'s life, so I think that we will start now. And he doesn't really have any older folks in his life. His ocal grandparents are YOUNG - only 50 - so, I would like that "elder connection" for him. I will let you know how that goes. Most older folks love babies, and I am sure that he would love the attention, so it should be good for all parties involved!

On that note, I am signing off! I am going to head to bed and catch some sleep before the sun is out again!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So, my little guy. He is SO cute! Everyday he does something new and he becomes even cuter! Is that even a word??!! I have never used the word "cute" so much before!
One of C.'s aunts brought a rocking horse over on Thanksgiving (we hosted! it was a blast! 25 people around the table!). The rockinig horse has been in the family for over 20 years. Now K. gets to use it. AND HE LOVES IT! It is very big - way taller than him and he needs help getting on it. Ad then he is off! He rocks so hard, that he creeps across the living room! It is so fun and CUTE to see!
He is also saying SO MANY words now! And what would take days or weeks for him to learn, he learns in a few minutes! We showed him a picture of Santa and said that he says "ho ho ho." Well, 5 minutes later, K. saw Santa and said "ho ho ho!" Wow! He blows my mind!!!
I really do hope that we have another child sometime in the next year or two. My life is so FULL right now and I love him to pieces, but having another would not only make out lives more fun, but his, too! He saw his baby cousin this weekend and hugged, kissed,, and gave him "pounds." It was...CUTE!

On a different note, I am starting to take my prozac again. I feel crazy taking prozac, but it TOTALLY mellows me out and makes me feel more level. Whatever - it works! And, from what I have been reading, it is one of the safer drugs to be on while pregs. I will most likely go OFF of it when I do get pregs again (I did before), but it feels good to know that it could be ok if I still needed it. :) Needless to say, C. is VERY happy! I am, too.

Are there are moms out there who dealt with high blood pressure/hypertension during and after pregnancy? 20 months later, I am still being weaned off of drugs and I would love to hear from others like me. Also, if you have any feedback on how to take care of it naturally, I would love to hear it!

Gotta get back to work now... more later on my CUTE little guy!